Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beauty and Hair Recommendations

This is in my Twin Peaks post but I also wanted to strongly 
recommend it to everyone. This is a great primer, it does 
everything it is suppose to do, and really does help makeup 
go on easier and stay put longer. Proof to me is the fact that 
I took a nap earlier and woke up with my makeup still 
looking perfect.

This finishing creme works very well, it helps dull ends look 
defined and makes my bangs look glossy. It adds great texture, 
I like to use it for touch ups in between washes.

I have noticed a few fine lines under my eyes so I thought 
I needed to start using an eye cream. I have used it for two 
weeks and have already noticed a difference. I am not sure 
if it would work for deeper lines but it does seem to work 
for fine lines.