Sunday, August 29, 2010

Underwater and on Prairie

I have been extra horrible at updating the last six months, sorry! I have moved three times since my last post, and have been without a computer. I have been drawing again and am very happy with my new work which I will post soon. Check out my flickr if you want a little preview. Anyway I have worked with Claudia Susana quite a bit recently and thought I would post some of our photos.

In June we did a shoot in the Sharon Woods. We were trying to catch the fireflies in the photos which was actually crazy hard. Magic did happen though, and Claudia produced some amazing photos as usual.

This photo was actually taken the same day. I am in front of the house I stayed alone in over the summer. I love this photo because it has the yellow daisies in the background which I had a love hate relationship with. I would pick them and put them in vases in my bedroom window.

These photos were taken last weekend. I am modeling with Ashley at her boyfriend's pool. This was such a fun photo shoot to do. It was basically just a girl's pool party. We listened to The Talking Heads and ate Chipotle. We also were pretending it was the 80's in our awesome retro bathing suits.

Check out Claudia Susana's blog and website for more magical photos.

Well, that's it for now, but expect more frequent posts.