Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Style Inspiration: Brooke Shields

So I have been going back and forth on doing this post for the last week, and I finally decided to go ahead with it. I love Brooke Shields' 80's look, she was so fresh but yet so effortlessly stylish. The reason I was unsure about making this post though is because lately I have been reading about Brooke and I hadn't realized what a crazy early career she had.

She was only 10 years old when her mother had her pose nude for a Playboy publication, when she was older she tried to get the negatives through court but lost. Only a few years later she starred in Pretty Baby which was about a young girl who had her virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder. Of course as I am sure you know when she was 14 she did sexually suggestive jean commercials for Calvin Klein.

It is so weird to me that not too long ago this was alright with the general public. Possibly because she looked so mature people thought it was fine, but it isn't at all. I am very disheartened to find out more about her childhood career. Either way, she is still a fashion inspiration to me. Brooke looked amazing with a natural look or even the heavy 80's makeup look. Her brows were coveted by every women in a America, as well as her hair. She really was the girl of the decade. I am just happy she seems so well adjusted and normal now.