Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Beauty Note: Mod Lips

Pale lips, they were all over the 60's. They nicely offset the dark eye makeup worn at the time. Now that the mod look of the 60's is back a lot of women are searching for the tools to get a perfect twiggy approved look. So many times I see girls look like ghosts though by using their concealer over their lips to get the "mod look" they strive for. This is a big no-no, believe me I tried it myself, it is horrible. For those perfect pale lips use Mac Lipstick in the color Hue. Hue is a perfect light lipstick without making your lips disappear, it has a soft pink tint. Smashbox also has a very nice pale lipstick, Mod Chic Lipstick.


Alex Richards said...

Thanks for the tip. NARS's Blonde Venus is pretty good too. (I totally tried the concealer on the lips thing too, so wrong!)

Jessica said...

Nice new blog you have here!

So where in Brooklyn do you live?

Carolina Lange said...

Great tip! I love pale lips and I find i hard to get o good lipstick for that.
Great blog!

My Marrakech said...

Hi there - I found your through Candid Cool. I love pale lips, too, and have a gorgeous shade of Armani that I wear. It's hard to get these things here in Marrakech, though. ~sigh.

discothequechic said...

This picture is so cool, I love this kind of make up, but I can never apply it myself without looking like a panda!

Thanks for the lipstick recommendation, I'm starting to think about colours, as its my fifth form dinner coming up soon.

This looks like a good start to the blog, I'll keep checking back!

S xx

Pale lips said...

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