Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beauty Note: Carrie Nations' Look

Teenage rock superstars, their lives were that of a dream but that dream turned into a nightmare. Through it all though, they always looked like true vixens.

I love Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, it is one of my favorite movies. I love everything about Beyond the Valley but most of I love it for the look of the Carrie Nations. The big hair and fab makeup, you can't help but root for Kelly, Pet and Casey even when they toke, deceive and cheat. 

Here is what you need to be a doll without the drugs, sex and crazy partying.


Lily said...

I heart Beyond the Valley of the dolls for creating a bizarro parallel universe where short women with big knockers can become international high fashion models. Yes!

Lily said...

p.s. go to my blog, I tagged you!

Kennedy said...

Okay, I need your help making big 60's hairdos. I bought the big rollers, but I'm kind of behind on the ins when it comes to makeup and hair styling. Help? What do I do?

ryder said...

i think brigites haircut looks good on every one:)