Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Loving Lately: Heeled Oxfords

I never gotten into oxford heels/granny shoes, I really liked how they look but it never occurred to me to buy a pair. Well, I was doing a fashion shoot the other day and when I saw the heeled Dolce & Gabbana oxfords an other model was wearing I fell in love. After searching high and low I found a couple that I liked at a good price.

$33.99 at retrocuties.com

$24.80 at forever21.com

$34.50 at alloy.com

$39.50 at delias.com

$9.99 at target.com


Laura said...

the retrocuties ones and the target ones are my favourites...i love these shoes, i wear them with a vintage kneelenght skirt and i feel a with a little, don't know why.

ryder said...

the first ones are my fav. but i had a diesel version of this type of shoes and they r my fav.

to bad its an old collection(i mean from diesel).

miss large said...

5. are the best.

Mar said...

i love this kind of shoes, im looking other models for my blog. byeee


love the first and third pair !

courtney.korinne said...

I have the urban outfitters shoes (brand is called 'made by elves') and I love them!

Zetta Evans said...

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